Best Winter Windshield Wipers: Snow and Ice

When choosing the best winter windshield wipers for snow and ice you must look at the top rated brands. We will focus on what makes a great winter wiper. The wipers must have a cover to prevent ice build up on the blade. We want to minimize streaking and what to have debris and ice removed quickly.

The following windshield wipers have been rated as the best for winter time. Anco winter wipers are highly rated because of the rubber that protects and covers the arm of the blade and prevents the icy build up from forming. The Anco winter wipers are dependable and economical. Rain-X repel premium wipers come with a time released coating that delivers water beading throughout the blades life. The sturdy construction is great for those tough winters. They are notable for their water beading technology.

 The Valeo 600 series wipers are the top rated winter windshield wiper blade. In almost every consumer report they are rated number one. They are made with Tec3 advanced rubber and galvanized steel and are very easy to install with the universal clip. These blades are specially made for tough winter weather conditions for improved drivers safety and visibility in all road conditions. You can have discussion about winter windshield wipers without mentioning Siliblade silicone wiper blades. Siliblade blades are made to withstand extreme temperatures and most also come with an invisible water repellent.

Bosch Icon series windshield wipers are highly rated and are designed to provide consistent and uniform pressures for clean even performance. They are made with a wind spoiler for best performance at highway speeds. They claim to last longer than other premium winter blades but all blades on the market today must be replaced every 6-12 months. The Piaa super silicone wiper blades are compatible with almost all types of windshields. These blades are made from silicone and are pretty durable.

You have many choices and price ranges. Please review your vehicles owners manual if installing the windshield wipers on your own. The main thing to take away from this review is that no matter what blade you choose you must replace them after 6 -12 months as the performance deteriorates. In freezing weather and snow make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best windshield wipers and do not wait until the blades crack or streaking occurs.

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