Anco Wiper Blades

When it comes to durability and quality, Anco wiper blades are at the top of the list. These quality wipers are crafted to some of the strictest standards on the market today. We all understand and know that when it comes to your family’s safety, you want to ensure that you have the best products to help navigate any road conditions. Anco is a Federal Mogul company which is a leading manufacturer of quality vehicle products and parts. The company has a rich history that spans over 100 years.

We will profile the different types of windshield wipers offered by Anco. Their windshield wipers come in various styles and sizes that fit most any vehicle on the road today. Anco has developed a signature installation system named Kwik Connect that makes it easy to install and replacement the wipers quickly and effortlessly.


• The Contour blade is a premium all season wiper blade that can withstand all weather conditions. The Contour blades are available in sizes ranging from 14” to 28” in length.
• This blade fits most OE (Original Equipment) connecters. It can adapt to any upgraded wiper blade system.
• The Anco Contour is manufactured with beam blade technology and specifications. The beam blade technology is ideal for all weather exposure and superior extreme weather performance. The aerodynamic structural body of the Contour makes for a dependable wiper blade.
• Anco wipers feature a proprietary rubber blade called DuraKlear. The rubber blade is made to withstand extreme temperatures and perform under various conditions.


• The AeroVantage blade is specially designed to be one of the best aero dynamic blades on the market today. The craftsmanship that goes into this blade makes its performance stand out from the crowd. These blades are available in lengths ranging from 12” to 28”.
• This blade is made to strict standards and can withstand free radicals and debris from everyday wear and tear. The air flow vents on the blades keep them positioned firmly on the windshield.
• These wipers blades are very easy to use as replacements and work with all major vehicle connectors. The rubber blades can resist highway speeds and provides superior performance under any weather conditions.
• This blade also utilizes DuraKlear technology and the easy to use Kwik Connect Installation.

Winter Blade

• The Anco Winter Blades are made to withstand the most extreme cold weather conditions. The rigorous construction on these blades can resist corrosion and road grime.
• A special rubber covering is built into these extreme weather wiper blades. These blades are made with very thick rubber blades from the DuraKlear line. The frame is made from heavy duty materials that are made for last lasting durability.
• The Winter Blades from Anco provide drivers with continuous visibility in the most extreme of all cold weather conditions. These blades receive high remarks from drivers who are exposed to ice and snow on a regular basis. These KwikConnect blades are available in various lengths from 10” to 28” to fit most vehicle makes and models.

Profile Blade

• The Anco Profile Blade is an all weather windshield wipers designed with the most advanced technology. The blade is designed and manufactured in one piece to provide continuous windshield contact for the best performance.
• The Anco wiper blades are durable and long lasting. The Profile Blade is made to adapt to the contour of the windshield for the most effective wipe. The OE connectors, coupled with the Anco patented Kwik Connect System make these blades easy to use as replacements.
• The blade rubber is made to withstand UV rays, extreme temperatures and road grime. The sleek design of the blades and the rubber make this a very effective wiper which comes in sizes from 14” to 28”.

31 Series

• This blade is made from the standard Anco materials and quality. The blades come with DuraKlear rubber and KwikConnect.
• These wiper blades are economical and fit most any make or model vehicle.
• The available sizes for the 31 Series wipers are 10” through 28” and they have built in vented bridges. This low cost blade performs at a high level.

Rear Blade

• The Anco Rear Blade is a very reliable replacement blade.
• The rear wiper has four connection types for any type of use.
• The rear blades come in 11”, 12”, 14” and 16” lengths to fit most any vehicle.

Anco is a trusted brand with many different product offerings that will cover all different wiper needs. Please make sure that you replace your wipers blades every 6 – 12 months for optimal performance, increased visibility, and reliability. Anco blades are easy to install and they are made from premium materials. When looking for long lasting wipers, Anco wiper blades are a popular choice.

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